About wpduo

We are a talented team of creative thinkers and doers fueled by curiosity.


We are a Trusted Growth Partner

We are more than just a service provider; we are a partner vested in your success. Our mission is to act as a reliable extension of your team, navigating the digital landscape together with a shared vision and goals. It’s not about being just another vendor; it’s about being that extra person rowing alongside you, pushing your business forward with every stroke.

We champion partnerships based on mutual respect, trust, and a deep relational connection. Our boutique size allows us to select clients we believe we can truly help, ensuring each partnership is fruitful and focused on meaningful results.

Our team ethos is built on support, accountability, and balance—knowing when to inject fun into our work and when to concentrate our efforts on overcoming challenges.

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wpDuo History

Founded in 2010 as Satellite 6 and later rebranded to wpDuo, the company was acquired by Rob Odell in 2023, signaling a new chapter in its journey.

wpDuo was built on making WordPress website management effortless for its clients, offering comprehensive support that includes hosting, technical assistance, content updates, and search engine optimization.

As the company grew, the team saw a need to provide strategic growth services. We now specialize in blended search and performance marketing campaigns that have driven over $50m in revenue for our clients.

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