About wpDuo

Helping Small Businesses
make websites easy.

Do you find yourself saying:

  • I forgot how to update my website 🙁
  • I wish I had someone to call and make quick updates, but my original designer is too busy for me.
  • How do I make my website more visible online?
  • How do I get more leads from my website?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” you’re in the right place!
wpDuo is a WordPress Website Management & Design company, based in Eau Claire, WI, that works to make our customer’s websites a joy to manage and do the things they need it to do to grow their business.

Growing Businesses Who Trust wpDuo

Who is wpDuo?

wpDuo was founded in 2010 by Laura Benjamin, a former Marketing Director for a small business, who was on a mission to create the resource she wishes she had when she was in that role.

Our mission is to make your website a joy to manage and give you a great team to support your site. From hosting to support questions, to making updates and helping you be found on search engines, wpDuo is here to support your business and your website.

Could you benefit from a team managing your website?

We have Website Specialists ready to help you answer questions about your website and how you can save time and improve its performance.

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