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Modern SEO requires a strategic approach. We skip the jargon and dive right in to focus on creating content that directly impacts your revenue, prioritizing sales, success, and support over mere keyword rankings.


Our SEO Approach


Build the Foundation

We start with problem statements, talking to you, your customers, along with expert level topic & keyword research. We knockout any lingering technical SEO or on-site issues as fast as possible.


Content is Still King

Based on our research and topics, we build out a roadmap of key content. We start with titles and summaries. Once approved, we build content briefs and full scale, unique content for you.


Adding Fuel

Great content needs distribution and links to have the greatest chance of being seen. We use our own outreach and network to gain high value links for your newly published content.

Enhance Your Visibility

About SEO

Search Engine Optimization

We understand that SEO is about more than just rankings—it’s about connecting with your audience at the right time and place.

Whether they are just discovering you or ready to to make a purchase, our approach combines technical excellence with strategic content creation to drive organic growth and build your digital moat.


Working With WpDuo

Enhance Visibility with
wpDuo's SEO Mastery

Partner with wpDuo to amplify your online presence beyond conventional SEO. Our authority-building strategy involves a content-first approach, focusing on digital PR, and strategic content distribution. It’s designed to drive meaningful traffic to your site, turning searches into tangible business results.

  • Tailored Optimization for Revenue Impact: Meticulously crafted to influence your bottom line positively, ensuring that each optimization step contributes to your revenue goals.
  • Insightful Analysis for Demand Generation: Through continuous analysis and adaptation, our SEO practices not only aim at improving your search rankings but also at creating and capturing demand for your offerings.
  • Ongoing Refinement for Growth: We constantly refine our strategies to highlight your product’s strengths, using SEO as a tool for growth and enhanced customer acquisition.


What Our Clients Say


Great Experience

“I’ve had great experiences with wpDuo. The team has done several projects for me over the past 4 years. The work looks good and is always done on time and on budget.”

Brian Hahn

Would Recommend!

“Since working with wpDuo our sales have increased to record levels! I would recommend them to anyone looking to improve their sales/marketing strategies!”


Easy to work with

“Their SEO experts have been extremely helpful in fine-tuning our site, in turn allowing us far better search engine rankings”

Dean, The Classic,
Hillcrest Greens

Frequently Asked Questions


Success is measured through a combination of metrics including search engine rankings, website traffic, user engagement, and conversion rates, ensuring our efforts align with your growth targets.

Yes, our SEO strategies can be customized to target specific local regions, languages, and markets, ensuring relevancy and precision in our campaigns.

Our content strategy for SEO focuses on creating valuable, relevant, and optimized content that resonates with your audience and search engines alike. We start with interviewing you (the client), researching your target audience and diving into their pain points, problems and challenges. We then connect that research with relevant keywords and topic clusters so that your content has the best chance of gaining traction from day 1 of being published.

We focus on and prioritize your goals for content creation over vanity metrics like general site traffic.

Should there be a dip in ranking and site performance, we swiftly diagnose the issue, adjust the strategy, and implement solutions to recover and enhance your site’s rankings.

Google and other search engines are constantly updating the search algorithms to improve the user experience and deliver the highest intent content for visitors. We stay up to date by testing our new methods with our own sites and cross industry expertise.

As a general rule of thumb, helpful, original content will always win (even if it dips for a bit).

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