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Paid Traffic Add-On

Use Pay-Per-Click to get your best audience on your website right now.

Running digital ads is a high powered way to drive instant traffic to your website and move your audience closer to making a purchase. Do you want to grow your business online? Sign up today!


Add PPC Channels to your wpDuo Plan

  • Ads Management

    Includes setup and optimization on Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn

    • Custom Tailored Ad Strategies
    • Ad Campaign Management By A Competent Team
    • Weekly Report Cards & Analysis
    • A true partner in your growth

    Book a strategy call to learn which channels are right for you.

    • Google Display Ads
    • Google Search Ads
    • Google Remarketing Ads
    • Google Local Search Ads (LSAs)
    • Facebook Ads
    • LinkedIn Ads

We guarantee you’ll love your digital advertising results.

Growing your business online is our specialty. We take that responsibility seriously.
If for any reason you don’t love your service, we’ll give you a full refund covered by our
30-day Money Back Promise

3 Steps to Pay-Per-Click Success

1. Sign Up

Add SEO to your wpDuo plan by clicking “Get Started”.

2. Pick a Platform

We can even help you decide which to choose for your best results. Facebooks vs. Google? We got you.

3. Get Instant Traffic

We set up your campaign and optimize your ads to get you the best possible results.


Northland Buildings

Custom website and paid ads campaign
Building color visualizer tool
– 5x Increase in Website Pageviews
– 175% Increase in Website Users



B&B Electric

Completely custom website design
– 97 website-direct leads generated in first 3 months
– 52% Increase in new website users
– 40% Increase in total page views



Stucky Chiropractic

– Completely Custom Website Design
– Dramatic Increase in Online Orders
– 42% Increase in Visits
– 26% Increase in Page Views
– #1-3 Google Ranking for local searches

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Answers to common questions about working with wpDuo.

  • How long does it take to get results?

    It depends on how much you’re planning on spending on the ads themselves as well as your overall goal. As soon as we run the ads, you’ll start getting users onto your website. If your goal is to see new leads or sales, you’ll start to get traction right away and then optimization happens over a few weeks to a few months to get the best results.

  • What if I want to advertise on multiple platforms?

    You can absolutely do that. Many businesses choose to utilize both Facebook ads and Google ads to reach a broad audience and generate the most traffic, leads, and sales possible.
    After signing up for PPC, simply revisit this page and sign up a second time if you’d like to sign up for ads management on multiple platforms.

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