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The Exciting Year Ahead – wpDuo’s 2024 Service Enhancements and Price Update

As we gear up for our 14th year, we're embracing some exciting changes designed to enhance your experience with us. It's been a journey of learning and growth, and as always, you – our valued subscribers – have been the heart of our evolution. Redefining...

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What is the Average Time to Build a WordPress Website?

When you search through the top websites across any service area or domain in Google, you will find an interesting thing. You will find that many of these websites are built on WordPress. It is one of the leading web development platforms where you can...

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How To Build a Low-Maintenance WordPress Website

Wondering how to build a low-maintenance WordPress website? It may be easier than you think! Today, anyone, regardless of technical ability, can create a website. There is no reason why building and maintaining your website should be stressful. Thanks to many of the tools available...

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How To Optimize WordPress for Speed (And Keep It Running Fast)

Are you someone with an awesome website that’s taking a not-so-amazing time to load? If your answer is yes, chances are that you may be at risk of losing visits due to the slow loading speed. Now here’s the good news! Websites that are powered...

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What Does a Website Maintenance Plan Look Like?

The 2000s were simpler times. The ability to create spreadsheets was enough to impress people, Keeping Up With the Kardashians wasn’t a thing yet, and to the layman, spam was just food. And here we are in 2021, where a simple google search about your...

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Website Maintenance Costs: The ROI of Outsourcing WordPress Management

Your website is the storefront for your business. It’s the place where you make the first impression on your online customers and future partners. So keeping your website up to date and secure should be a priority.  However, that’s not an easy task for everyone....

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Should Your Business Be on TikTok? Pros & Cons

If you’ve been even slightly keeping up to date on internet trends, whether it’s because you’re a content marketer with your finger on the pulse or your teenaged niece is doing it for you, chances are pretty high you’ve heard of TikTok. Since its appearance...

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Pick One: Pros & Cons of 10 Social Channels

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Slack vs. Teams: Which Is Better For Small Businesses?

Since the pandemic hit, collaboration tools have become indispensable. The market’s biggest players are Slack and Microsoft Teams. There are many factors affecting which of these tools suit a particular team best, so here are some comparisons between the two. Market Share Slack had a...

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How to Build a Side Hustle and Still Manage to Sleep

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6 Reasons Your Emails Are Being Marked as SPAM

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Satellite Six Becomes wpDuo

Today we’re relaunching our business under a new brand name: wpDuo. [Full Press Release Here] For 10 years, Satellite Six has been designing, managing, and constantly improving great websites. With a variety of website and marketing tools, we’ve always done whatever it takes to help...

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