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Get The Secrets To A More Profitable Website

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[Free 5-Day Video Class]

Get The Secrets To A More Profitable Website

Ready to make your website actually grow your business?

I'll show you the 5 simple strategies that anybody can implement to modernize your website, increase Google traffic (without spending money on ads), and make your website completely secure.

Here's What You'll Learn

  • Get a steady flow of website leads at no cost
  • Outperform competitors with secret website hacks
  • Make it “hack proof” and say goodbye to headaches forever

What's In the 5-Day Class?

Lesson #1

Win Back Customers You Used To Lose To Competitors

You don’t need a new website; you just need to set up some strategic, high powered functionality. I’ll show you four fast and high-impact improvements.

Lesson #2

Free Tweaks To Instantly Get Leads

If your website isn’t optimized for search engines, you’re missing an enormous amount of online traffic. Implement basic SEO with my step-by-step coaching.


Lesson #3

Don't Harm Your Brand With Broken Web Pages

When websites break, you lose potential business. Let’s talk about simple website maintenance that will make sure your site never breaks.

Lesson #4

Get Even MORE Traffic & Leads Than You Thought Was Possible

Hackers are attacking your website every single day. By setting up simple but robust security, you’ll make sure your website is always safe.

Lesson #5

Bulletproof Security On Autopilot

Want even more free website traffic that turns into leads? With high powered SEO, you can start to generate massive amounts of traffic from your exact audience.

Meet your Instructor

Josh Rizzo is a leading marketing strategist who has taught hundreds of people how to turn their websites into performance-driven marketing tools. In his role as Marketing Director at wpDuo, he has increased organic website traffic by 800% and shows others how to manage a website that grows their businesses.


In this course, Josh shows proven step-by-step methods for making a profitable website with small improvements. Join the class today to learn how to make your website grow your business.

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