What is the Average Time to Build a WordPress Website?

When you search through the top websites across any service area or domain in Google, you will find an interesting thing. You will find that many of these websites are built on WordPress. It is one of the leading web development platforms where you can build a responsive website without many issues.


Different Quotes for Time of Completion:


When developing your WordPress website, you would first ask for the time needed to finish the project. The developers may commit to different times for completion. However, it is helpful for you to remain informed about the various stages of WordPress website development. This will help you to know whether your hired developer will be able to deliver the site within the pledged timeframe.


How Long Does it Take to Build a WordPress Website?


The average time to build a WordPress website varies between developers. Here, you will find the different stages involved in building a WordPress website.


  • Discovery and Planning: This falls under the initial stage of development. The developers and designers have to be on the same page to understand the needs and vision of the client. As the client, you’ll work with the web team to identify the primary goals and vision for the website.


  • Content: Quality content is an important part of any website. It helps users better understand your business and the ways you serve them. It’s also a significant part of a site’s SEO, and its ability to be found online.


  • UI and UX Design: UI and UX are crucial additions to a WordPress website. These offer a user-friendly appearance that makes the website easy to use. This is primarily a task of the designers, who utilize the information, content, and wireframes to provide the perfect UI and UX. This part includes the crucial tasks of designing the homepage and landing page and testing the responsive nature of the website.


These are just a few of the important phases that go into creating a fully functional WordPress website and, in turn, affect the average time to build a WordPress website. If you need help designing yours, collaborate with a reliable source like wpDuo. We can build a highly responsive and functional website for your business. Learn more about our website design services here.

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