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If you love your website but
wish you were on WordPress,
you’re in the right place.

Converting your site to WordPress is easy. After just a few weeks, you’ll get all the benefits of  the ease and flexibility WordPress has to offer, plus unlimited website edits with our DuoEssentials and DuoPro plans.

Let’s talk through your website to see if you’d be a fit.


WordPress: The most freeing and functional platform on the planet.

There’s a reason that 38% of the entire internet is joyfully powered by WordPress. It’s where easy website management meets total customization and robust security.

Say goodbye forever to the headaches of managing your own website or, worse, feeling stuck with an unhelpful developer. You’ll be done with slow updates and overpriced fixes when you manage your newly converted WordPress website with wpDuo.

Are you tired of

Updates that take forever?

Successful digital marketing relies on your website being updated and always functioning at a high level.

When your website is waiting for slow updates, you constantly lose opportunities to make sales and generate leads online.

Are you feeling

Nickel and dimed for every website update?

You shouldn’t have to choose between a high-performing website or saving money.

Most of our wpDuo plans come with free included website updates which mean you don’t have to pay project fees every single time you need changes to your website design or content.

Do you wish your site

Was just EASY?

The internet is a fantastic growth tool when everything works just right. Too often trying to remember how to update your website and tracking down broken codes wastes an entire day.

With easy website management, you could be spending that time taking care of the parts of your business that you love.

Frustrated with an unhelpful developer?

You don’t have to feel stuck anymore.

You can still have the website that you love even after you stop working with a frustrating developer.

Convert your website to WordPress and keep everything that you love about it while getting a management plan that gives you fast updates and a caring tech team that works tirelessly to improve your website.

Break Up With Website Headaches FOREVER.

Be done with website headaches for good. One call is all it takes to dump your technology problems and put a smart team behind your website.

Join wpDuo today. Put your website on easy mode.

3 Steps to Make YOUR Website a WordPress Website

1. Talk with our Website Experts

Set up a call with our team and we’ll walk you through your website details to see if you qualify.

2. Set up your wpDuo plan

Join wpDuo by selecting your preferred plan level.

3. We take care of the rest

We take care rebuilding your website while you spend your time doing things you love.

Why move your site to WordPress, the world’s #1 CMS?

100% Customization

Robust Security

Freedom to manage your website
on your terms.

The Benefits of Moving your Current Site to WordPress

Moving your site to WordPress means it’s truly your site. You can take total control.
No long-term contracts or agency lock-in gimmicks. It’s your website and it needs to work for you.

Complete CustomizationMake Your Own Updates50,000+ Free PluginsFree UNLIMITED Website Edits
“Custom-Coded” Websites
Sounded like a good idea originally. Now you’re locked to a slow developer who overcharges for every little update
Bottom Line: Your site is held hostage
DIY Website Builder (Wix, Squarspace, Etc.)
So easy, that anybody can do it. So what’s the catch? Poor customization, slow page loads, and you can’t add the features you need the most.
Bottom Line: It’s cheap. That’s it.
WordPress + wpDuo


Answers to some of the questions we’ve heard about working with wpDuo.

  • How Long Does It Take To Convert to WordPress?

    Depending on the number of pages you have and features that need to get rebuilt we can usually convert your site from as little as a few days up to a few weeks. There’s no downtime, and it’s a totally seamless switch once we’re ready to go live.

    We know that you need your website to be functioning at a high level so we get right to work and make your website site live as soon as possible.

  • Can I Still Make My Own Website Updates?

    Absolutely! If you want to manage your own content updates, you’re 100% free to do that. WordPress has a user-friendly back end where you can add blogs, change photos, layout your text, and do much more.

    If you prefer to have someone else do that, we’re happy to help out as well.

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Ready to set your website FREE from slow updates and inconsistent help?

If you’ve made it this far, you’re ready for something to change about your website.
It all starts with a Discovery Session to take a look at your exact website and what’s “under the hood” to deliver a plan for a great WordPress migration.