Curious to learn more about the services available at wpDuo? Check out our FAQs below to find answers to common questions about working with our team.

Website Hosting & Management FAQs

Are there any contracts?


Oh, did you want more than that? Ok. 🙂

Subscribing to a plan is 3-months at any level, then becomes a month-to-month plan. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel after that 3 month period of time. Pretty cool, huh?

And if you like saving money (and who doesn’t this day and age?), you can sign up for a full year of service and save 10%. Boom!

Check out all the good news here.

How often is my website backed up?

We’re on top of it. Typically those small jobs (anything content or light development that would take our team about 30 minutes or less) are ready for you in one business day, 8 workday hours or less.

How long does it take to get my website updated?

If you want us to host your site (which you definitely should, it’s about a zillion times faster-loading for your customers than budget hosting on sites that rhyme with “Slow-Saddy”), we’ll make sure you’re backed up daily.

If you want to keep your current hosting but just have us manage your site for you (totally your deal, and you’ll just have to take our word that you’re missing out), we typically do a backup every week or so to reduce strain on weaker servers.

Do I have to pay for each website update?

No way! Our most popular plan, SkyEssentials, is designed to get you 2 updates per month at no additional cost. And if you’re a frequent updater or just like to keep your options open, check out SkyGrowth, where there’s no limit on the number of small updates you can request from our team!

The entry-level plan, SkyStarter, is ideal for businesses who don’t use their sites for marketing much, and doesn’t include any free updates, so you would have an hourly update fee for updates on this level. But hey that’s ok. If you start there and find you love using our service, you can always upgrade!

We’ll always quote out larger changes that don’t qualify for the free small jobs (new page designs, developing new features, etc) so you know what it’ll take to complete an update, too.

All the plan details can be found here. Check it out!

What does “Website Management” mean?

It means we’re taking care of the “tough stuff” so you can focus on running your business and directing your marketing team. Our support team will handle updates, malware protection, all the technical stuff so that you don’t ever have to worry about it.

And that means you save time with our Unlimited Small Updates, so you never have to log in to make a change to your website. Check out more about our wpDuo service plans to learn more.

What happens if I get hacked?

Ugh, that’s a scary thought.

The good news is, the tools we use make WordPress super secure. The only time we’ve seen a major hack was when a customer disabled their strong password protection and set their username to be the same as their password. That’s a big no-no. You’re asking for a bot to hack your site in minutes doing something like that.

(And in case you’re wondering, yes we fixed it, and yes, he’s still a client of ours.)

In the really unlikely event you get hacked on our service, sites we built are covered under your warranty. And, exhale. 🙂

If someone else built your site, we can use a backup to restore it to the most recent clean version of the site. Then, we’ll investigate the hack, determine where the vulnerabilities were, and come up with a plan to fix the site so it doesn’t happen again.

Custom Website FAQs

How much does a website cost?

Great question, and we get this a lot. The truth is, it depends! We’ve built sites for $5k and $15k and $35k (and higher and lower than those ranges), depending on the size of the website, the amount of content being developed, and custom components being created.

It’s like asking how much a house costs without knowing how many rooms and what components are being built in. There are a lot of different ways to build a house, and a lot of different ways to build a website.

We have built websites for local/regional businesses, multi-million dollar international companies, and everything in-between. The best way to start is to set up your free strategy call so we can get to know your business and your goals.

How long does a website take to make?

While we’re still working on ways to get it done yesterday, we’re able to take most websites from the initial workshop to the launch date in under 5 months. Your actual timeline can vary based on the scope of your project, the complexity of your site, and your availability to collaborate with our team as the project trucks along.

Are you using templates to build my website?

No way, Jose. We want to make something that’s going to be effective for your customers and reflects your business accurately.

We’ll 100% custom-build your website using WordPress as the content management system (the very same system that powers over 30% of the internet!) and tailor it to your audience.

And we won’t even make you write the content if you don’t want to. 🙂

Would I own my site if you built it?

Heck yes. There’s some things that are licensed to you under the hood, but as far as the design, content, and assembled website, it’s all yours.

We’re not one of those companies that tells you you can move the website, only to later reveal you’ll lose a bunch of major functions if you do.

(SERIOUSLY, this is the worst, and that kind of shady behavior seems pretty unethical to us.)

It’s on WordPress. WordPress goes anywhere you want it to.

Bottom line, we want you to be thrilled to be working with us. And if you’re not, it’s your site to do what you like with. You won’t lose any of the great features by moving it. We guarantee it.

What happens in the “Website Workshop”?

This is the exciting part! Our team works with your team to plan the website strategy, focusing on your audience, your business goals, and how the site fits into your sales and marketing process.

From what we learn in the workshop, we craft audience profiles and strategically determine how the design, messaging, and experience of your website can be super-effective in getting visitors excited in your brand.

Website Improvement FAQs

What do you do for Inbound Marketing? (Search engine optimization, Google/Facebook Ads)

Inbound marketing services are now add-ons to our wpDuo Website Management service, which you can learn more about here.

The best way to start building a plan for your inbound traffic is by setting up your free strategy call so we can get to know your business and your goals.

During our conference, a member of our team will talk with you more about the options available to boost your traffic and engagements, generate a researched keyword list, and even build you a lead generation system.

Can you convert another site to WordPress?

We sure can! And we do it often for low-cost or sometimes even free for those customers who want to join our wpDuo Website Management program.

If you’re feeling stuck in an unhappy marriage with your current developer, or are feeling like it’s a hassle to deal with your current site on another site builder platform, set up your free website consult and we’ll guide you through the steps how we can make your website something easy to manage and get rid of the headaches for you.

How much does it cost to improve my website?

We’re happy to quote out new features, functions, and face-lifts for your website. Because we don’t know the scope of work until we talk through your vision (or even better, develop it together), the best way to start is to set up your free strategy call so we can get to know the goals you have for your business.

How much does a Website Review cost?

For most small business sites of an average size (20 pages or so + blog posts), an audit starts at $1197. We have a few additional levels of service that include competitive reviews and sitemap planning, if you’d like to get even more out of this service.

No matter what, the end result is a report that provides data-driven recommendations for the right next steps to take with your website.

If you’re curious how a Website Review can help you, the best way to start is to set up your free strategy call so we can get to know your website goals and where we might be able to help.