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Nathaniel Stewart MD

Positioning a Surgeon
to Attract New Patients

Dr. Stewart needed his professional practice website to position him as a premier provider with a distinct skill set. His mission is to show he delivers improved outcomes for his patients, alongside a smooth patient experience.

Dr. Stewart needed to demonstrate the uniqueness of the procedures that he performs, as well as tell success and life-changing stories of the patients he has helped.

The Plan

  • Comprehensive Audience Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimization

The Results

22% Increase in Visits
24% Increase in Page Views
Top 5 ranking for Hip Arthroscopy, Hip Replacement, Arthroscopic Surgery related keywords in local market

Increase in Visits


Increase in Page Views


Keyword Visibility

Top 5

Audience Strategy

Developed & Validated Customer Avatar
Created Identity & Messaging
Built a website strategic plan & sitemap

  • Customer Avatar

  • Customer Journey

  • Website Plan

After (Hover for Before) Before

Inbound Strategy

Search Optimization
Blogging & Content Marketing
Inbound & Lead Generation Strategy
Email Marketing


  • Search Optimization

  • Inbound & Lead Generation

Dr Stewart’s website saw over a 20% increase in visits and page views, making the site a larger part of his marketing strategy to attract new patients.

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