3 Super Smart Ways to Boost Sales with Psychographics

Do you know your customer inside and out? Have you talked with him or her to understand what they “get” out of your brand? At the core of the Satellite Six brand philosophy is this: People don’t buy products. They buy better versions of themselves.

Customers are often willing to spend more for a premium brand experience if that brand is in line with their values – and if it has been successful in differentiating itself from competitors in these key areas. This is psychographics in a nutshell. Do you have a thorough understanding of what your customer cares about and what moves him or her to take action?

Here are 3 ways you can start using psychographics to boost your sales.

#1: Sell That Which Customers are Actually Buying

On the surface, we’re all selling a product or service that a customer will use and find utility. The reality is, great brands understand they’re selling something much deeper. They understand that what the customer is really buying is convenience, or experience, or trust. They’re buying an outcome and a life improvement.

When you understand your customer deeply and what motivates them, you can start to build reinforcing elements into your marketing approach.

Let’s say you are in specialty garage construction, working with a demographic who lives in rural areas. As you’ve started to learn more about these customers, we start building an audience profile:

  • Passionate about outdoors activities: hunting, fishing, camping, snowmobiling, and more.
  • Guys who love the rugged northwoods, and get out to experience it anytime they can.

If this is the case, your sales process should shift from focusing on the technical, efficiency, or home value increase aspects and instead address their key concerns:

  • Building a garage specifically designed for their gear
  • Have a space that embraces their love of the northwoods
  • Feel like it’s their own personal “man space.”

#2: Motivate Through Messaging

Once you understand what a customer truly values out of the transaction beyond the simple idea of the thing itself, you can shift your messaging to be about these specific motivators and values.

In the above example, your messaging would shift to an informal, hard tone.

  • Own the northwoods. Tame the wilderness.
  • Show burly guys with beards covered in grit and snow enjoying every minute of their outdoor adventure

Tie these ideas back to the place they store their gear, which has been designed specifically to express this rugged attitude.

#3: Bonuses that Reinforce Specific Customer Values

Now that we’re talking to customers on their level, build options into your products that fit specific psychographic interests. Yes – great brand marketing reaches all the way down to the product design level if it’s going to resonate with a customer.

These product options in our garage example might be specialty gear storage options:

  • An “Ice Fishing package” with storage for a shack, poles, and other gear.
  • A “Hunter’s Premium package,” with a build-in for a gun safe, mounting hooks for taxidermy, and lockers specially designed for bulky camo and cold weather clothes.

The possibilities don’t end there. Giveaways and promotions should also be influenced by these customer values. If you are this company, you wouldn’t give away a TV as a prize at a show or an event. Instead:

  • Give away a high-end cooler, a trailer, or access to an exclusive hunting resort.
  • Offer a high-end fishing pole bonus to buy within a timeframe

Whatever it is, it needs to be something that’s going to make your audience say, “can you believe this?” – because you’ve shown you understand completely what they care about.

Using Psychographics

When you have a deep understanding of what drives your customer, you should do everything you can to show that in your marketing. Be the brand they want to connect with by demonstrating your understanding of what makes them tick.

Are you already using psychographics in your marketing? Did this article get you excited to try some new marketing techniques? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed the article, and all the best to your success!

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