5 Critical Things Your Old Web Hosting Service Is Neglecting

Websites that aren’t managed right get hacked, eat up your time, and are costly to fix. That’s why it’s important that your hosting service gets it right.

Website Management Is Complex & Time Consuming

There are countless layers of your website that need frequent updates and regular management. You don’t have time or brain space to waste remembering how to go in and make updates. On top of that, when everything isn’t current and compatible…

…your website breaks.

Customers can’t find what they’re looking for and your expensive website is broken until you pay more money to get it going again.

A strong website hosting company can also take care of all of these regular management tasks and give you your time and peace of mind back.

Effortless Management Shouldn’t Be Expensive

You already invested in a new website, managing it shouldn’t be expensive too.

A great website management service takes care of everything behind the scenes. They manage the software and tools that make your website thrive.


Problem #1: Unacceptably Slow Requests

Why It Matters: Your prospects are visiting your website every single day. If your website is out of date or missing information, they leave.

When you need to update your products and services, it needs to be done right away. Waiting weeks for your site to be updated is like waiting weeks to put products on your shelves.

What To Do: Utilize a service that completes your requests in the same day.

The fastest way to have an easy website that generates a ton of traffic.

Problem #2: No Free Content Updates

Why It Matters: Having to pay for each and every website update is extremely expensive and keeps most websites from being current. It takes time to get quotes for small things reviewed, approved, and put into the hands of whoever is going to make the update. Profitable websites are updated regularly.

Don’t let pay-per-update services get in the way of doing business.

What To Do: Check to see if your website hosting service includes free content updates.


Problem #3: Inability to Switch Hosting Services When You Want

Why It Matters: If your website is built by an agency using proprietary code, you’re stuck.

No other website services can manage your website and you have to endlessly pay your original developer to maintain it whether you like it or not.

What To Do: Migrate your website to WordPress and you’ll be able to work with any hosting service that you’d like.


Problem #4: Nonexistent Customer Support Team

Why It Matters: Your website is your online store and it often requires urgent attention, troubleshooting, and timely updates from real people. Massive online hosting services rarely have a dedicated team who are ready and available to attend to requests and help in a timely manner.

What To Do: Make sure your website manager has a dedicated customer support team.


Problem #5: Website Infrequently Backed Up

Why It Matters: Just like your computer, websites on sub-par hosting can crash. If your website hasn’t been backed up recently, you’re at risk of losing a lot of user data and website updates which, again, means more time and money rebuilding your website.

What To Do: Make sure your website is backed up every day.

The fastest way to have an easy website that generates a ton of traffic.

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