5 Best Eau Claire Marketing Companies & List of Specialties | Updated 2020

Working with a marketing company gives you access to areas of expertise that a small marketing company may not have resources for. Marketing companies handle campaign logistics, design, development, implementation, and analytics on a daily basis and can be a cost effective and impactful component of your marketing strategy.

Why Hire An Eau Claire Marketing Company?

Utilizing a local company can be a good investment because of their understanding and experience in the market. Most of the companies on this list also have experience help national and international industries market their product as well.

Our 5 Favorite Eau Claire Marketing Companies

Hold up. Aren’t we a marketing company? Why are we writing about other Eau Claire marketing companies? We’d love to just toot our own horn, but the truth is, no marketing company is perfect and each business has different marketing needs.

We’ve tried to be as objective and fair as possible with this list. If you’re on this list and we’ve gotten anything wrong, let us know and we’ll be happy to take a look.

In no particular order:

Hook’d Promotions – Specializes in Branding and Promotional Campaigns

Hook’d Promotions Google Review – 4.7 Stars (11 Reviews)
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Lee from Hook’d Promotions has a small team that plans and implements big strategies. They specialize in brand development and multichannel marketing plans to generate online traffic and get results.

STOKES|HERZOG – Specializes in Video and Advertising

STOKES|HERZOG Google Review – 4.8 Stars (5 Reviews)
Facebook Page

STOKES|HERZOG is an Eau Claire marketing agency with deep roots in media production. Owners Sarah Stokes and Chris Herzog spent years as television news anchors before starting their company. While they have a heavy emphasis in video production services, STOKES|HERZOG also specializes in public relations and advertising.

Satellite Six – Specializes in Increasing Traffic & Generating Leads

Satellite Six Google Review – 5 Stars (7 Reviews)
Website (hint: you’re already on it)
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The Satellite Six team designs, manages, and continually improves great websites. To get your website to perform at its very best, we work with our clients to put the right marketing strategies in place to attract your ideal customer exactly when they’re considering a service you provide and turn them into quality leads that grow your business.

Resourceability – Specializes in Market Research

(No Google reviews)
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Resourceability plays a different role than the others on this list. They specialize in market research and analysis and help businesses plan for growth with services such as target audience research, sales forecasting, and pricing analysis.

Marketing Edge – Specializes in B2B Marketing Management

(No Google reviews)
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Marketing Edge helps B2B teams plan and manage marketing campaigns. They create content, evaluate campaigns, and offer solutions that include public relations, business development, and sales strategies.

How Do I Choose a Marketing Company

When you’re looking for a marketing company, consider the following three factors:

  • Expertise
  • Scope
  • Budget.

Expertise: Ask about results and look at their past clients’ performance. Just because a company offers SEO services, doesn’t mean they’ve ever actually doubled traffic for a website. Many companies try to be a marketing “jack of all trades” but don’t get measurable results in every area.

Scope: Are you running a small local marketing campaign or managing a nationwide, multi-channel strategy? Look for a company that has the bandwidth, and experience, to achieve results at the scale you’re looking for.

Budget: Many marketing companies offer affordable marketing add-ons while others only offer large campaigns with a large investment. Look to balance your investment with the outcomes you need to see.

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