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The 3 BEST Eau Claire Photographers For Weddings, Senior Pictures, Family Photos, & Corporate Photography

Looking for a photographer for your senior photos, corporate photography, family photos, or wedding photography?

Here are our 3 favorite Eau Claire photographers in every category.

Choosing An Eau Claire Photographer

Every Eau Claire photographer has a different style. They use different equipment and have a different way of interacting with their clients.

So where should you start? Here are our favorite Eau Claire photographers to give you some ideas. Ask friends, talk to other people who’ve had photos taken that you love and then connect with their photographer.

At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. The best photographers who know how to create a show-stopping memory, generally cost more. When you find a comfortable balance between investment and outcomes, you’ve found a photographer who you’ll love.

Top 3 Eau Claire Senior Portrait Photographers

1. Max Lee Photography

Photographer’s Website:

Max Lee shoots strikingly beautiful senior portraits. He has a magical way of making colors pop and capturing scenery in a larger-than life way. For capturing unique portraits that turn heads, Max Lee is a great choice.

2. Samantha Boos Photography

Photographer’s Website:

Samantha is one of the most popular senior photographers in the Chippewa Valley and for good reason. Her work has been internationally published and yet she knows how to helps clients have a laid back and fun photography session that will create beautiful and memorable photos

3. Mike Howard Photography

Photographer’s Website:

Mike does a stunning job of capturing images that tell a story, show emotion or simply document a moment in time.

Top 3 Eau Claire Wedding Photographers

1. Andrew Samplawski Photography

Photographer’s Website:

Andrew Samplawski Photography is a highly popular choice for couples in the Eau Claire area. Andrew ensures every special moment is captured on your big day, from the first look to first kiss. The finished products are beautiful images you’ll cherish forever, which Andrew makes easy with a handmade photo album.

2. [V] Imagery + Design

Photographer’s Website:

With over 1600 weddings under its belt, [V] Imagery + Design is a pro at capturing every single detail, big and small, on your wedding day. Although your wedding day will fly by, you’ll be able to relive it for years to come with your photos from [V] Imagery.

3. Alisha Marie Photography

Photographer’s Website:

Everything about Alisha Marie’s photography is bright and full of love, just the way wedding photos should be. Her style is classy and a little bit sassy as she can turn indoor, outdoor, and yes, even Eau Claire, Wisconsin snowy weddings, into gorgeous snapshots.

Top 3 Eau Claire Family Photographers

1. Madison Gale Studio

Photographer’s Website:

Family photos might be the most special way to build life memories. Madison is deeply passionate about helping families and women feel empowered to create memories they can hold onto throughout their life.

2. Renee Barth

Photographer’s Website:

Renee Barth is a natural light photographer and her portraits come across as authentic and artistic. She loves building relationships with the families she works with and helps them create cherished memories.

3. Laci Eberle Photography

Photographer’s Website:

Gather your family for an intimate photo session. Feel free to have fun, be silly, act genuine and Laci will capture your family’s beauty and vibe with memorable photography.

Top 3 Eau Claire Business Photographers

1. Travis Dewitz

Photographer’s Website:

When it comes to photography for your business, you want the photos to tell a story and strengthen your brand. With his photos, Travis perfectly encapsulates you, your company, and what you can offer to your customers or clients.

2. Spin Vision

Photographer’s Website

While Spin Vision does do commercial photography, they go far beyond traditional photography services. Spin Vision offers virtual tours and interactive multimedia to the healthcare, business, and tourism industries around the world.

3. Ivy Media

Photographer’s Website:

Kyle and Alak have worked with companies all over the nation helping create professional images that build brand value. As a full service creative agency, they also offer high level video production and design services.

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