Eau Claire Startup Weekend Success Story

Eau Claire Startup Weekend is a weekend-long, marathon event where entrepreneurs can go to learn the basics of founding a startup business & launching successful ventures. As an entrepreneur himself, Owner and Creative Director of Satellite Six, Ben Stroinski, was honored to have been a part of the Eau Claire Startup Weekend in October of this year. Ben donated his time to the Startup Weekend as a Coach and Mentor, described by attendees as one of the most valuable features of the entire weekend. Ben worked one-on-one with the teams to give invaluable advice towards developing their business. Satellite Six was also an official sponsor of Startup Weekend, donating a logo design to the winning team.

As with any successful business, it all starts with an idea….

This idea was then developed by a team of five, who built the entire concept for the business over the course of the weekend. The winning team of the business, 15-Second Imaging, was comprised of: Brandon Cedarblade, John Kane, Eric Charles, Nicholas Scherrer, Nick Marzofka.

The team at Satellite Six was fortunate to meet with the 15-Second Imaging team (now known as Noto) and help them begin to develop their brand. Below are some initial sketches, designed by our Graphic Designer, Baxter Bauer, initially presented to the group:

After our design team rendered the artwork digitally, the Noto team decided on the final version below:

Noto Logo [RGB]

We’re excited to have been part of helping Noto get off the ground, and to work with the team to develop the initial logo they can use to brand their business. Congratulations again to all of the participating members of Eau Claire Startup Weekend. We wish you all success with your new ventures!

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