Encouraging Big Ideas

Internships are a supplementary experience throughout college. They provide real-world experience and help you find your individual niche to pursue. As a soon-to-be-graduate this December, I am ecstatic to have found the industry in which I hope to pursue upon graduation.

Not only is it important to obtain internships before graduation, but it is just as essential to intern with a company that matches your ambitions and provides skills to succeed beyond the classroom. If you believe in exploring the creative space with a great group of individuals, Satellite Six is a great place to start your career.

This Fall, I have had the opportunity to intern for Satellite Six as a Keyword Research Assistant. Upon hiring and throughout my experience, I was trained and guided by the experts themselves. This learning has been continuous and has aided in my growth within the digital marketing realm. A typical day as a Keyword Research Assistant consists of:

  • Contributing to Keyword Research
  • Assisting the Inbound Marketing Specialist with SEO & Rankings Reports
  • Utilizing Google Analytics
  • Blogging
  • Personal Growth

Collaborating with the Inbound Marketing Specialist with these roles allowed me the opportunity to make decisions within this scope at the office to increase efficiency. For example, I was able to to assess the functionality of the processes used to complete Rankings Reports, in which I have successfully made 50% more efficient. By being hands-on daily with this information, I have had the opportunity to ask the question, what if we did it this way? As a Keyword Research Assistant, I am able to embrace my ideology traits.

All employees in the production area are encouraged to create new ways to improve, and as an intern you will have this opportunity as well.

My tasks at work are a large part of my day, but my involvement at Satellite Six goes well above. I currently sit on two committees within the office: the Culture and Wellness Committees. The Culture Committee focuses on what activities or practices can be implemented into the business weekly, to create a sense of community and culture. Some examples of this include: planning the Thanksgiving Potluck, Monthly Happy Hour, Tuesdays @ Two Activities, Treats in the Breakroom, and Employee Bonding Activities such as planning the Anniversary Party and Christmas Celebrations.

The Wellness Committee focuses more on the overall health and well-being of the employees. Office walks are encouraged, as well as alternative office options such as a balance ball chair. These committees provide the sense of community in which Satellite Six embraces.
Come ready to bring your suggestions weekly, as you could potentially bring forth the next big idea!

Why did I choose to intern at Satellite Six? To think bigger and to help launch big ideas. As one of the first interns here at Satellite Six, such as Neil Armstrong to the Moon, I hope to have left a footprint in which to follow. Come excited to explore the creative space and see all the opportunities this spaceship can provide!

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