Get Leads Online and Win a Fitbit!

The wait is [almost] over! As you may know, Ben Stroinski will be delivering a riveting presentation at the Eau Claire Chamber Marketing & Social Media Conference NEXT Tuesday, September 13 at the Florian Gardens. Ben will teach you the ins and outs of Building Your Digital Marketing Funnels and exploring the secrets of How to Get Leads Online. What’s more is that Impressions Director, Angie Niska, and I will also be there giving away a free Fitbit.

If you’re already planning on attending the Marketing and Social Media Conference, you’re already entered to win!…almost. What do you have to do to win a free Fitbit? It’s simple! All you need to do is talk with one of us to find out how your website is doing and what you can be doing better. If you’re not generating tons of leads and new business from your website, we’d like to show you what’s possible with our personalized Competitive Website Review.

We will be offering a one-day-only special price for our Competitive Website Review for attendees of the Marketing and Social Media Conference. If you’re planning to attend, chances are, you’re looking for ways to make your marketing worth it. We want to show you the first steps to get there and put you in the drawing for the free Fitbit!

Uncover the Secrets of Your Competition

… And how to make your website a more successful part of your marketing!

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