How 4 Smart Businesses Are Using wpDuo

What is wpDuo?

wpDuo website management provides handsfree website maintenance and content updates to save you time and money so that you can focus on your business.

Our clients use wpDuo to ensure that their website is fast, easy to navigate, secure, and always has updated content.

How 4 Businesses Are Using wpDuo

The wpDuo team works hard to make your website do what you need it to do without having to deal with the headaches or lost revenue as a result of your site needing updates.

Here is how 4 smart businesses are using wpDuo to maximize their website marketing efforts and dramatically reduce time and cost of website maintenance.

1. The Eau Claire Community Foundation

wpDuo For On Demand Website Support

In an ideal world, every community will have its own Eau Claire Community Foundation. Connecting donors with charities across a wide spectrum of causes, it encourages philanthropy and collaboration in the community. The Foundation also helps families by helping them create endowment funds that help the communities forever.

As a platform that brings together donors and charitable interests, the Foundation’s website serves multiple needs. wpDuo offers them on-demand website support. In addition to helping them fix bugs and maintain their website, wpDuo also works with them to come up with new digital solutions, working together as a team.

For the Foundation, wpDuo is an extension of their digital team.

2. The Classic at Hillcrest Greens

wpDuo For Unlimited Content Updates

A vibrant community for retirees, The Classic at Hillcrest Greens offers comprehensive assistance for seniors to live independently and with world-class healthcare and recreational opportunities. The Classic is renowned for the advances it has made in memory care with specialized approaches towards patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The Classic uses wpDuo to support their content marketing efforts through a focused and engaging content marketing strategy.

This involves a communication plan that includes SEO optimized blogs.

The Classic also uses wpDuo to quickly make website announcements and general website updates. This ensures that content gets pushed to their website without any delays or headaches.

3. Alorium Technology

wpDuo For Handsfree Website Maintenance

Alorium Technology provides FPGA-accelerated products and platforms for motion & motor control, scientific instrumentation, military, and aerospace. Their work also takes them to the most advanced Industrial Internet of Things.

For a firm using cutting-edge technology, their website has to be agile, up to date, and fast. Which is precisely what wpDuo offers through handsfree website maintenance, and unlimited included content updates.

4. Shepherd Song Farm

wpDuo For eCommerce Support & Content Updates

Shepherd Song’s 100% grass-fed goat and lamb meat is not only delicious but also supremely healthy. Not surprising since their animals feed on natural herbs and wild grasses.

wpDuo’s suite of services for this ecommerce store includes ecommerce support, setting up coupon codes, tax zones, posting videos, and other content.

The wpDuo team makes it easier for this ‘Grass to Table’ company to expand its website and add new features. Their customers can easily find and buy products through a process designed for ease of use and higher conversion.

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wpDuo makes it easy to have a website that is always up to date and always doing business how you need it to.

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