How Volume One Just Shifted Content To Help Our Community Get Through COVID-19

Volume One just recently relaunched their home page and called it Pulling Together While Staying Apart in an effort to ‘connect the Chippewa Valley through the COVID-19 epidemic’.

Replacing their typical coverage of local news, events, arts, restaurants, and culture is a website completely dedicated to resources, ideas, and collaborations to help Chippewa Valley residents and businesses stay together and stay afloat through an undetermined amount of time under the pressure of COVID-19.

Their content shift represents the fact that alt weekly newspapers across the country are dealing with an ‘almost overnight loss of advertising’ as well as the role that Volume One has always played in bringing our community together.

Here’s how they’re doing it.

Volume One’s New Homepage

“Save Your Faves” Resource

“This page was made for free by Volume One in support of these establishments and the community. No business is paying to be a part of this temporary directory. All information is subject to (rapid) change. If you know for a fact that an establishment currently offers one of the services listed below (and during the crisis), contact us here.” – Volume One

“Closed For COVID” Resource

Chippewa Valley Virtual Variety Hour Video Series

LINK for how this works and how you can join in.

10 Socially Distant Things to Do Right Now and Not Go Crazy

“Community Vibes” Videos & Articles

TONS & Tons More Resources

While we would all hope that the impact of a global pandemic would be something we can pull through quickly, it looks more and more like we’re just getting started.

Volume One has always been in the business of building community in the Chippewa Valley but they’re now doing so in uncharted territory.

As they build out more resources and invest in this new project to support the community, they need the community’s support as well. We’ve all been stretched to care for each other during trying times and we’re now all being called to a higher level of caring for our community.

Thanks Volume One!

Volume One’s leadership role in supporting our community in such creative ways for so long means more now than it ever has before. We’re grateful for them setting up this community/COVID ecosystem as they blaze a new trail at the same time that advertising dollars are being axed.

Thank you, Volume One!

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