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Marketing Monday: Halloween Edition

As Halloween is quickly approaching, you may or may not let your employees dress up for the day, the week, or even the entire month of October. But there are other marketing tactics that can be considered useful, depending on the nature of your business and the clients that you interact with on a day-to-day basis. Although these marketing methods are Halloween-specific, paired with the right colors and fonts, they can be used for virtually any upcoming holiday.

1. Update your current brand with holiday-specific images. By simply adding a Jack O’ Lantern or ghost to your logo, your brand will get a facelift that your customers will love.

2. Host an event. Health and fitness is a growing interest to the public, and by hosting or sponsoring a Halloween-themed event (i.e. 5K Run/Walk), your company celebrate Halloween while promoting good health and marketing your business.

3. Bundle products or services together. Consider it trick or treating for businesspeople and marketers. Your consumers will receive a discount for the package that they choose, along with the products or services that will benefit their business, all while the more business will come your way for the upcoming winter season.

4. Trick-or-Treat. Make your business a trick-or-treat stop by promoting a special treat. Take pictures with your mascot or costumed employee, provide face painting or balloon animals, and/or pass out special baked goods or candy with your logo on it. For the parents or chaperones, give out coupons for your products or services. With many other holidays quickly approaching in the upcoming months, it’s the perfect time to start marketing any special holiday deals or promotions. If you take photos, be sure to send them to the families–that way you’re building your email database simultaneously with the Halloween fun.

5. Guess the # of Candies. Last but not least, our personal favorite includes having a large jar or bowl full of candy. Be careful not to eat any when working those long days at the office, as it can get tempting, but the idea behind the candy bowl will be so that your customers or clients can guess how many candies fill the bowl. By simply dropping their business card or email in a partnered jar along with their guess, you will not only grow your email database, but your customers will look forward to what fun and games you will have in store for the following holidays as well. Incentivize your participants by adding a grand prize for the person who has the closest guess. What’s more? Paired with #4, your email database and network marketing opportunities will instantly double.

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