Master Facebook’s new feed with EdgeRank

Seems like as soon as Facebook users get used to a new look and layout, they go and switch it up again. While feedback to the new design is mixed, it’s looking like EdgeRank is going to be more critical than ever to get your posts to hit your fans’ Top Story space.

What’s EdgeRank? It’s the algorithm that Facebook uses to determine where your posts display on individual user’s news feeds. The more relevant your posts, and the more the user and his or her friends interact with your page, the higher the EdgeRank – and the better the chance that your post will show up as a Top Story rather than in the mix of other updates a Facebook user sees as they scroll down the page.

To get the most out of your Facebook page, focus on starting conversations, asking questions, posting photos, and talking about ideas that are interesting to your followers. As your followers comment and like your posts, your chances of showing up as a Top Story are much improved. And with the reformatting of Facebook to emphasize Top Stories for their users, it’s more important than ever to be publishing interesting, engaging content to grow your social media presence!

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