Metamorphosis 2018

Hi there, and let me be the first to say, thanks for visiting our new website.

Creative business and marketing is an iterative process. We learn by doing. As we expand our capabilities and offer new services to our clients, we learn from feedback how to adapt to a changing marketplace.

I started Satellite Six a little over 7 years ago because I’m passionate about great brands that share an experience with their customer. Great businesses become great brands because they figure out that the true secret to success is not just selling your product or service. You’re selling so much more than that.

You’re selling a transformation. You’re selling a better way. You become a leading brand when people choose you over the alternative because you really “get them,” and you’re going to make a difference in their lives. Amazing things happen when your brand aligns with the deep needs of your customer base.

Otherwise, you’re a commodity. And commodities struggle to become identified by anything but price. My philosophy and experience is that, those brands that resonate, dominate. A brand well-planned for a specific audience outperforms the generic every time.

Today marks the first day of the new Satellite Six website, a turning point for our business, and most importantly, a change for the long-term benefit of our fans and customers. To understand what’s different about Satellite Six, and what this website represents, let’s start by looking at what’s changed.

Renewed Focus on Brand and Digital Marketing

In any business, times change. Where once we were simply a website company who offered some digital marketing and branding opportunities, in early 2017 we transformed the structure of our team from project-based to partner-based, and our core competency became not just producing a website that represents a brand, but the core audience, message, and focus of that brand, and how we could best use this foundation to create integrated digital experiences across websites, inbound marketing, social media, and traditional marketing systems. Over the last 18 months we have evolved to become a true plug-in marketing department for our clients, and this website represents the final shift to that mindset and goal.

Inspiring You

We want to provide you with as much information as possible when developing marketing strategy, so that you can make informed decisions about how to direct the success of your organization. To that end, this new website has a clearer focus on who we are, our values, and how we think about developing and delivering great marketing as part of your team.

This means ongoing blog posting and videos, demonstrating new techniques and what’s working in branding and digital marketing.

That means creating new guides and tools that you can download and use for free, whether you are just looking for a place to start, or really stuck on how to use marketing to solve a business challenge.

That means creating community around setting and achieving business growth goals, using brand marketing as the bridge to get there, and elevating the conversation about what it means to be a great brand.

The Changing Landscape

Our team is proud of this new website and excited to offer you a new experience and ways to interact with our brand. We’re determined to lead the pack and be your first resource to grow your business and dominate your competition through better brand marketing. This is the first day in the next phase of Satellite Six, and we’re glad you’re here to be part of the journey.

I’m so excited for this next chapter of Satellite Six, where we are here to be your guide in business success. Whether you’re a client, a fan, or just curious what we’re all about, welcome! And while you’re here, I hope you spark the next big idea for your own business.

To your success!

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