#MondayMaterial: Top 5 Branding Articles for the Week of June 13th

What’s currently happening in the world of branding, you ask? We’ve compiled a list of our favorite articles that include branding-related topics from the past few weeks. Happy reading!

Here’s a look at our recent roundup:

Budweiser Renames Its Beer “America”
Have you heard the news? The well-known domestic beer, Budweiser, is updating its cans and bottles this summer in the U.S. to read “America”, and will run this patriotic campaign through the November election. Although it may seem like a simple update, check out the article to see how much fine-detailing went into the 7 month rebrand.

The Science Behind Brands’ Colors
You’ve probably heard that different colors are associated with various feelings and emotions, but did you know that there’s an actual science behind brands using particular colors in their logo and identity? Dr. Sunder of The University of Oregon explains how brands use color to their advantage in this short video.

Express Announce Addition of Branded Draft Beer to Concession Menu
If you’re headed out to an Eau Claire Express game this summer, be sure to try their newest beer on tap, The Kurve, that is available exclusively at Carson Park and Lucette Woodfire Eatery during the 2016 Northwoods League season. Satellite Six had the privilege to partner with the Eau Claire Express in creating and designing an identity for the new beer.

10 Logos We Never Want to See Change
Do you have a favorite iconic logo that you never want to see change? Take a look at these ten logos that will break hearts all around the world if they’re radically redesigned.

The Future of Branding is Debranding
Brands are constantly looking for new ways to sell and one of the latest strategies that’s sweeping the industries are stories that look and feel journalistic. This article discusses why companies should rethink the original notion of their brand instead of creating more branded content campaigns.

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