[PODCAST] Leveraging Audience Relationships with Samantha Forehand

Laura speaks with Samantha Forehand of Reality Works about using customer feedback to incorporate new product features and finding ways for engineers to build products based on real-time customer needs. Realityworks provides products and services to improve health through the use of interactive technology. Check out the full episode below, or by subscribing on iTunes or your favorite podcasting service.

Thanks to Samantha Forehand for being with me on the show today. Check out realityworks.com to see how Samantha and Realityworks are growing a business that improves the human condition with the most relevant and valid scientific information available.

The Maker Marketing Podcast is a weekly show from Satellite Six, currently in its first season. This podcast is perfect for manufacturers who want to learn what’s working in marketing for businesses like theirs. New episodes every Friday!

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