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Complete Guide to Post Frame Marketing & Web Design

Investing in marketing and web design is essential for a post frame business to grow and be successful.

There are many people out there looking for post frame construction on their next building project, but in order to reach more of them, you need an effective marketing strategy.

What does an effective post frame marketing strategy and web design for your post frame business look like? How do you start growing and getting people to come to you instead of your competitors?

Check out our best strategies and practices to grow your post frame business.

Post Frame Marketing & Web Design Overview

Understand Your Audience

The first step in any post frame marketing strategy is to understand your audience.

It’s common for businesses to get so focused on what they offer, that they forget about who they are offering it to. This leads to a disconnect with your audience who are unlikely to convert into customers.

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The truth is that customers care less than you think about why your post frame business is so great. Ultimately, they want to know how your business can solve their problems and help them reach their goals.

A post frame marketing plan needs to put the customer at the center. Position the audience as the hero and your business as the trusted advisor that will guide them on their path, help solve their challenges, and create their dream building.

Knowing WHO your target audience is, WHERE they spend time online, and WHAT their biggest challenges are will allow your post frame marketing plan to connect with them on a deeper level.

To better understand your audience and improve your post frame marketing, create customer avatars for the different customer segments your post frame business targets.

Creating a customer avatar gives you the chance to lay out what your target customer may look like, what their goals are, the pain points that they struggle, how to best communicate with them, and what they will look like after doing business with you.

With your post frame marketing plan focused more on the audience rather than yourself, you’ll be able to attract more people to your business and keep them engaged.

Building A Web Design and Marketing System Designed For Success

Once you understand your target audience and implement it into your post frame marketing strategy, the next step is to build a system designed to turn them into customers.

Think of marketing like dating. You wouldn’t go up to someone and ask them to marry you right away, but that’s exactly what a lot of post frame businesses are doing with their marketing.

Post frame marketing takes time and commitment. Introduce them to your brand first, offer free resources, and position yourself as an industry leader in post frame construction, supply, or services. Then you can ask them to consider a decision after you’ve built a solid relationship with them.

It’s helpful to map out their buyer journey to better understand where they are in the decision process and when they are ready for the next step.

The 5 steps in the buyer journey are attract, engage, nurture, goal, and retain.

The attract stage is about creating brand awareness, getting people’s attention, keeping them entertained.

Once you have their attention, move them into the engage stage by interacting with your company in a two-way conversation.

After the engage stage comes nurturing. This is the step where we get their contact information by either getting them to subscribe or offering them some type of gated content.

Now it’s time to ask to become a customer in the goal stage. If you offer enough value in the previous stages, then they should be eager to have your post frame business work on their next building.

marketing ideas for post frame companies

Finally, it’s important to retain the customer after they have converted. Follow up with your customer to ask how the building process went, ask for a testimonial, and turn them into a promoter of your brand.

Your post frame business might consider having a marketing plan for each of these steps in the buyer journey in order to build a system that’s designed for success and grow your business.

Best Marketing Strategies to Grow a Post Frame Business

High Performing Post Frame Web Design

One of the best ways to grow your post frame business is with a high performing website.

Your website needs to be an automatic selling machine where users have no problem navigating. It also needs to have fast site speed, excellent security, regular updates, and be visually appealing or visitors might leave right away and not come back.

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Websites with a color visualizer get more leads. Get an instant quote on a building color visualizer.

Content Marketing

If your post frame business isn’t engaged in a content marketing strategy, then you may be missing out on a significant marketing opportunity.

Great content marketing is customer-focused, not business-focused. An effective content marketing strategy can lead to a large number of potential customers visiting your website with strategically placed keywords and copy that resonates with them and keeps them engaged.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

Pay-per-click and digital advertising is the fastest way to get targeted traffic to specific landing pages on your website.

PPC can also be used to retarget specific traffic on your website and getting them to re-engage with your post frame business.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is great for nurturing your leads and getting visitors to repeatedly visit your post frame website. Most email subscribers signed up by filling out a form or signing up for specific information, which means they are already interested and want to hear more from your business.

Sending scheduled emails can get visitors to return to your website to engage with more content and continue down the buyer journey.

Social Media

Billions of people from every professional background use social media everyday.

The goal is to market to people the right way without interrupting their experience. Do your research and find out what your audience is doing on social media and create posts about it.

Remember, make the posts about the customer, not your business. People want to know how you can solve their problems and social media is an excellent way to reach them.

Post Frame Web Design Best Practices

Easy & Fast Website Navigation

When it comes to the layout and design of your post frame website, the faster a visitor can find what they are looking for, the better. Designing your website so it is convenient to the visitor will lower the risk of them exiting the site prematurely without taking any actions.

Optimize the navigation with the viewer experience in mind to get the best results out of your post frame web design. Keep it simple, but provide them with enough information that’ll get them to convert.

Strong & Clear CTA’s

The goal of any post frame website design is to get more traffic to come to the site and take action.

For visitors to take action, there needs to be a strong Call to Action (CTA) that appeals to them and is easy to find. CTA’s shouldn’t be buried in the website where no one can find them, rather they should stick out and provide the visitor with an obvious next step.

Strong CTA’s should be a big part of your post frame web design because that is how you get visitors to convert.

Web Design Optimized For Mobile Devices

With more and more users turning to mobile, mobile-friendly post frame web designs are no longer optional.

If your website design is only optimized for desktop, there’s a good chance that the layout will look cluttered and unorganized on tablets and mobile devices. This leads to poor user experience and there’s a good chance that visitors will leave.

Consistent Branding

Web designs that don’t have consistent branding make it confusing and stressful for visitors.

The best practice for a post frame business when it comes to branding is to keep it consistent throughout the entire website. Only use predetermined colors, logos, fonts, and verbiage on every page of the site.

Use A Post Frame Visualizer Tool

One of the most effective ways a post frame web design can enhance the user experience is by implementing a post frame color visualizer tool.

color visualizer on a post frame website

A visualizer tool allows users to see what their building will look like after construction is complete. People love to visualize their building before construction starts and providing them with a visualizer tool to see exactly what it will look like can significantly increase conversions.

Work With a Marketing Agency That Understands the Post Frame Industry

Unless you have a full team of marketing experts and web designers, it can be difficult and time-consuming to implement an effective marketing strategy and post frame web design.

However, working with an agency that understands the post frame industry is a great way to help your business grow. An agency can implement a post frame marketing strategy and website strategy that gets results while saving you time, money, and resources.

Satellite Six is a digital marketing agency that understands the post frame industry and has experience implementing successful post frame marketing strategies and website designs.

One example of a post frame business that Satellite Six worked with is Northland Buildings. Satellite Six was able to bring in 1,500 to 2,000 leads per year for Northland Buildings through the strategic post frame website redesign and digital marketing campaign that was implemented.

As a marketing agency, we exist to take businesses and organizations to the next level by building unique, exciting, and engaging brands that your customers will love. Through delivering high-quality post frame web designs and brand marketing, we can help you exceed your goals and grow your post frame business.

Want to learn more? Feel free to contact us to ask a question, get more information, or schedule a free ideas meeting where we take a look at your current marketing strategy and offer our expert advice.

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Websites with a color visualizer get more leads. Get an instant quote on a building color visualizer.

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