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Meet Our New Logo

In 2020, Satellite Six celebrates 10 years in business.

With our anniversary, we’ve updated our brand. We’ve loved the old logo and the old brand, but today is a day for something new: a new logo, a new brand, and a new focus.

Why did we change our logo?

The short answer is that our focus and the way we operate have changed.

Want to dive deeper?

Hear more from our Owner and President, Laura Benjamin.

Logo Q&A With Our Owner, Laura Benjamin

Satellite Six
Why Did You Choose To Rebrand Now?

Laura Benjamin
There are two main reasons.

First, we’re due for it. This year we’re celebrating 10 years of Satellite Six. We’ve always preached strong branding as a tool for strategic growth and it’s time for us to take our own medicine and evolve our brand into something that fits more with modern trends and design.

Second, we’re changing direction and moving back to our roots. The core of Satellite Six, and what has always been our strongest area, is websites.

Satellite Six
What Has Changed Since Satellite Six Started 10 Years Ago?

Laura Benjamin
We’ve evolved quite a bit in the way that we operate and the services we provide.

I started Satellite Six as an experimental agency to help extend marketing capabilities for small businesses and we’ve grown into a performance-first company that designs, manages, and improves great websites.

As we’ve grown professionally, our logo now reflects a web company and of a less of the “space theme” that dominated our business branding.

Satellite Six
What Has Stayed The Same Over The Last 10 Years?

Laura Benjamin
We’ve always taken visual inspiration from Sputnik and being an agency that can “orbit” around a business and help solve marketing challenges. While we’re shifting to focus primarily on websites, we still offer digital marketing services.

In our branding, the satellite still exists but it adopts a more modern design philosophy .Then our materials have moved away from uppercase bold typefaces to simpler lowercase typefaces.

The end result is a simple and smart design that embodies our new tagline of, “a better way to website”.

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