Why Satellite Six’s Logo Is Not The Milwaukee Brewer’s Logo

Baseball season is upon us, and everyone’s mind is either on the Minnesota Twins or the Milwaukee Brewers (unless you jumped on the Cubs bandwagon last season). Even if you’re not a baseball fan, you have most likely been exposed to the area’s beloved teams and this may surprise you–Owner and Creative Director, Ben, was born and raised a Red Sox fan. Why is this relevant? Because we’re here to debunk the myth that the Satellite Six is actually the Brewers logo.

Time and time again we hear the question, “Did you know that your logo looks a lot like the Brewers’ logo?” Our answer, “Yes, we’ve heard this before. But no, it’s not the Brewers’ logo,” and here’s why:

It’s actually not the brewers logo. The current Brewer logo and the variation they use for their hats, website, etc. have almost no similarities whatsoever. The logo most of you are referring to is the classic logo with the mitt and the hidden letters “m” and “b”. As you can see, this logo is genuinely different than that of Satellite Six’s.

The Satellite Six logo incorporates the number “6” and the looks of sputnik. If you’ve never visited our headquarters, we’re very accustomed to the space theme – it’s on our walls, in our designs, and even in our stomachs (You can find us snacking on astronaut ice cream from time to time).

Fun Fact: That’s also why the word “Satellite” is in our name (not because we are a satellite TV company).

Branding is much more than just a logo. After you incorporate colors, lines, fonts, and elements into a logo, a brand incorporates all that you do, including everything from your website to your office space to how your customers perceive you. Satellite Six is branded towards all things spaced-themed, to infinity and beyond! (Thanks for the tagline, Buzz Lightyear.) The Brewers are a MillerCoors-sponsored baseball team whose blue and gold stands true with their long history of bat swinging. Realistically, there’s no similarity between the two whatsoever.

If you want to imagine the Satellite Six team playing baseball, here you go:


Generally speaking, Satellite Six is a brand marketing company, not a baseball team. We develop brands, websites, and marketing for new and existing businesses and we LOVE doing it. As awesome as it would be to play professional baseball, that’s just not what we do. We’ll let the Brewers stick to what they live and breathe, baseball, and we’ll stick to what we do best: launching big ideas.

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