3 Quick Tips for more Twitter and Facebook Engagement

Stuck for ideas on what to post on your social media? Here’s three quick things you can do to maximize the potential for interaction and user engagement!

1. Ask Questions!

Post a simple, relevant question to your industry or fanbase. This could be as basic as:

Q: What’s your favorite thing about ______?

Make it about your fans – for example, if you work in wedding planning, ask:

Q: What is the best part of going to a wedding?

Not only are you encouraging fans to talk with you and each other about their experience at weddings, but you’re getting insight into your market base and what will make a wedding plan successful for the guests!

2. Talk about the news (and ask questions about it, too!)

Something big happening in your industry or community? Talk about it! Write a simple post or link to a story about why what you’re posting is relevant. Give your two cents, and open it up to your customers with a question. Here’s an idea:

“WOW – Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO. Are you an Apple fan? What do you think this means for Apple products?”

3. Post photos of what you’re working on

While you or your team are working on a project, take photos! Rather than keep these for posterity, post them and open up the conversation with a “Check this out – What do you think?” kind of question. Even while a project is in progress, it can be a great way to show your audience what it is you do. This can be great for potential customers too – they’ll know what to expect when they see a project take shape over social media.

A great example in the construction/contracting industry would be to take photos of a build in-progress. Post these images spaced out over a couple of days in a single album, asking for feedback and revealing where the project is located, so local users can view it in person themselves. Not only can this help define timeline for the customer, but they can see the wide scope of work your company is capable of completing!

Give it a shot!

Try out these tips to grow user interaction and engagement on Facebook and Twitter. You’ll start to see great user feedback and more attention from your followers, and get insights on how your customers understand your brand and industry. And remember, social media is about connecting with people, not hard selling – it’s about creating a space to prove value, show capabilities, and have less formal conversation with your fans, engaging user interest so they’re more informed (and hold your business in high regard) when they make their future purchase decisions!

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