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Complete Listing of Eau Claire Print Publications: From Leader Telegram to Volume One & More.

Print publications and journalism are an important part of the community in Eau Claire and the Chippewa Valley. The rich history, diversity, and presence continues to make positive impacts on the community and adds to the culture.

Many different publication companies provide Eau Claire with timely news that keeps everyone informed about events, issues, and characters both locally and globally. These publication companies are responsible for empowering the Chippewa Valley for several years and help shape who we are.

Here is a complete list of Eau Claire print publications that continue to empower and enrich our community.

Volume One Magazine

Volume One magazine

Volume One Magazine is one of the most known print publications in the area and for good reason. Volume One Magazine has been publishing since January 2002 and continues to think outside-the-box to bring interesting local culture and events forward in the Chippewa Valley.

The main mission of Volume One is to bring culture and entertainment to the area. They print 14,000 copies every two weeks to 300 area locations and 45,000 readers. Volume One also includes video production, a ticket sales platform, and The Local Store downtown which offers thousands of local products and hosts more than 100 events each year. To Learn more about Volume One Magazine.


Leader Telegram

The Leader-Telegram has been around since 1881. It was a family-owned business until 2017 when it was sold to Adams Publishing Group and still continues to bring reliable local news, sports, and information to Eau Claire and the Chippewa Valley.

Throughout their 139 years of business, the Leader-Telegram has educated and informed their readers with both local and global news with reliable, accurate, and educational articles. The Leader-Telegram also specializes in extensive internet marketing through its online division. Check out more of what the Leader-Telegram has to offer.

Chippewa Herald

Chippewa Herald

The Chippewa Herald is another print publication company that has been a part of the Chippewa Valley since for a very long time. Serving Chippewa County since 1870, the Chippewa Herald has consistently brought updated local news to the area that enlighten the community.

The Chippewa Herald continues to serve the Chippewa Valley with the current and informational local and global news, sports, entertainment, and opinions section.

5ive For Women Magazine

5ive for Women

5ive For Women is all about connecting with today’s confident, intelligent, and go-getter woman in the Chippewa Valley through their articles and thought-provoking features. 5ive for Women focuses on the mind of today’s contemporary woman through faith, family, friends, fitness, and finance.

5ive For Women continues to be a platform and collective voice for all women and the go-to resource for women empowerment and encouragement. Learn more about 5ive For Women in the Chippewa Valley.

Second Opinion Magazine

Second Opinion magazine

Second Opinion magazine focuses on local alternatives to health and healing in the Chippewa Valley. Second Opinion provides articles and information locally on body balance, wellness, food, and much more.

Second Opinion enriches the lives of its readers and keeps members of the Chippewa Valley informed on how to stay happy and live a healthy life. Learn more about Second Opinion Magazine.

The Spectator

The Spectator Newspaper

The Spectator has been the student newspaper of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire since 1923 when it started out as a weekly tabloid and has grown to a biweekly publication.

The Spectator now covers campus news, sports, opinions, and current events that are happening. The Spectator helps college students stay informed about what is happening around campus and brings the student body together. Visit The Spectator website to learn more.

Chippewa Valley Family

Chippewa Valley Family magazine

Chippewa Valley Family is a bi-monthly publication that is owned, operated, and published by Volume One magazine. They strive to be a resource that helps families live the most robust and well-rounded lives possible in Western Wisconsin. Issues in Chippewa Valley Family include stories and events that are related to the community, creativity, recreation, discovery, and more.

Chippewa Valley Family also hosts several events in the community such as the Great Big Hullabaloo and the Saturday Morning Hullabaloo. Both events include music and activities for families in Downtown Eau Claire.

Barstow and Grand

Barstow and Grand publication

Barstow and Grand is an annual print publication in Eau Claire that highlights writers connected to the Chippewa Valley. It is an offshoot of the Chippewa Valley Writers Guild and all Barstow and Grand profits are given to the CVWR. The name Barstow and Grand refers to an intersection in Downtown Eau Claire which is at the center of an artistic rejuvenation and represents a balancing of history and progress.

The mission of Barstow and Grand is to support local writers by providing both editorial and publication opportunities for writers in this region and beyond. Issues of Barstow and Grand can be purchased at local businesses or directly through their website.

NOTA (None of the Above)


NOTA stands for None of the Above and is a publication that is completely operated and published by the students of the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire (UWEC). In 1973, NOTA replaced its predecessor called The Purveyor.

NOTA is published twice each year and invites all students to submit original work of poetry, stories, photography, drawings, and more. NOTA is a colorful high-quality publication that can be picked up at UWEC and area Eau Claire businesses.

Eau Claire Print Publications That Strengthen the Community

What makes print publications in Eau Claire and the Chippewa Valley great is that each publication company adds to the rich culture and helps strengthen our community. Whether it is local news, global news, opinions, sports, or entertainment, each of the print publication companies in the Eau Claire area shape who we are and brings us together as a community.

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