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8 Best Eau Claire Video Production Companies and When to Use Each One

Video production is no longer a luxury when it comes to marketing a business. It is absolutely vital that your brand produces high-quality videos that generate traffic and inspire your audience to become leads and customers.

Before you hire an Eau Claire video production company, here is an overview of video marketing and some considerations you may want to make in your strategy.

Why You Need an Eau Claire Video Production Company

There are many ways to use video in your marketing strategy including many DIY and free options.

Using a smartphone with free editing software, for instance, maybe a great way to create social media updates and other casual videos.

But for commercial quality videos, hiring a professional Eau Claire video production company is a wise idea.

video production

Videos You Should Consider Producing

Here are some examples of videos that an Eau Claire video production company could help you with:

1. “About Us” Video

This is a great video to feature on your home page or About Us page. Share what makes you unique and tell your company’s story. If you’re new to video production, this may be a great place to start as it can be used on so many different channels.

2. Product Video

Before customers purchase products and services, they want to see them in action. Product videos allow visitors to see what you make in context. They get a sense of what it feels like, how it can be used, and may assist them in making a purchasing decision.

3. Meet-the-Owner Video

Being able to humanize your brand can be a key differentiator from your competitor. Produce a 2-3 minute video to introduce your founder, owner, or president. Without being salesy, they can tell your company’s story and why they’re passionate about what they do.

4. Video Ads & Commercials

Video ads (including television commercials) may be the most important time you want to work with an Eau Claire video production company and NOT do-it-yourself. Quality is very important and whenever you’re spending money to spread your message you want to make sure your content is memorable.

5. Customer Testimonial Video

It’s always a good idea to let your customers hear from other happy customers who can endorse your company. An Eau Claire video production company can help produce a high-quality video featuring your best customer(s).

Five Important Video Statistics

Videos are not only a great way to build your brand, they’re also an important aspect of generating more traffic and sales.

  • Product videos can increase purchases by 144% (Neil Pate, 2017)
  • Almost 50% of Internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store. (Google, 2016)
  • 64% of consumers say watching a marketing video on Facebook has influenced a purchase decision of theirs in the last month.(Animoto, 2017)
  • Having a video thumbnail in the search results can double your search traffic (Search Engine Journal, 2018)
  • Video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from SERPs. (Wordstream, 2018)

Studio Video vs On-Location Video

Ok, before we get into the list of Eau Claire video production companies, the last thing you need to ask yourself is what kind of setting you want for your video.

Using a studio gives you complete control over lighting, background, and colors (and there is no Wisconsin snow!).

On the downside, you don’t get to see your business’s environment and it doesn’t allow as wide of a variety of backgrounds and may seem less authentic than an on-location shoot.

video production in an Eau Claire studio

On location shoots create authenticity and allow you to showcase your people, brand, and multiple environments. On the downside, it’s much harder to control light and if you live somewhere like Eau Claire, Wisconsin, it may simply be impossible to get the outdoor shot that you want for half of the year.

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8 Best Eau Claire Video Production Companies:

(in no particular order)

1. JS Visual

JS Visual Facebook Page
JS Visual Google Review – 5 Star (12 reviews)

JS Visual is a video production company based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin with a focus on cinematic video productions. Their primary focus is working with businesses, non-profits, artists, and individuals to create high quality videos that help them communicate their message and engage their audience.

video production by JS Visual in Eau Claire

When to use JS Visual: When your brand needs help standing out with dynamic videos that engage your viewers.

2. Ivy Media

Ivy Media Facebook Page
Ivy Media Google Review – 5 Star (5 reviews)

Ivy Media has a deep connections in the entertainment industry producing videos for artists such as Bon Iver, Chris Kroeze, and Them Coulee Boys. They also produce high quality commercial videos for local Eau Claire businesses.

video production by Ivy Media in Eau Claire

When to use Ivy Media: When you need high level professional lighting, cinematic video quality, and a creative team to push what’s possible with video.

3. Volume One Video Production

Volume One Facebook Page
Volume One Google Review – 4.6 Star (184 reviews)

Volume One is a local magazine that was founded in 2002. Their video production team uses video to tell stories with warmth, authenticity, and style. They also use their multi-channel media platform to distribute videos with a combination of organic and paid video placements.

video production by Volume One in Eau Claire

When to use Volume One video production: When your company is ready to tell your story with compelling and creative visual production.

4. STOKES|HERZOG Marketing & Consulting

STOKES|HERZOG Google Review – 4.8 Sar (5 reviews)

STOKES|HERZOG is an Eau Claire PR and advertising agency that specializes in video production for companies and organizations of all sizes. The founders have 50 combined years of broadcast television experience and use their expertise to highlight products, services, and achievements.

video production by Stokes Herzog in eau claire

When to use STOKES|HERZOG: When your marketing focus is building your public relations strategy with high definition video to highlight your company’s story.

5. The Post House

Post House Facebook Page
Post House Google Review – 5 Star (19 reviews)

Post House is an Eau Claire company specializing in video production, animation, and photography for business,non-profits, and documentaries. They also offer 360-video tours, web video strategy and virtual tour production.

video production by the Post House in eau claire

When to use The Post House: When your company is looking for a comprehensive video marketing strategy and distribution plan.

6. Drone Tours

Drone Tours Facebook Page
Drone Tours Google Review – (no reviews)

Drone Tours LLC specializes in innovative video solutions that help your business evolve alongside technology. Their focus areas are in drove photography, drone video, and 360-degree dollhouse view virtual tours.

video production by Drone Tours in eau claire

When to Use Drone Tours: When your priority is giving innovative tours of your business using the newest technology to bring your audience into your space.

7. Spin Vision

Spin Vision Facebook Page
Spin Vision Google Review – 5 Star (5 reviews)

Spin Vision produces interactive video and virtual tours for healthcare, business, and tourism industries. Spin Vision’s unique approach to marketing showcases businesses with a mix of interactive media, technology, and education-based marketing. Working across a variety of industries, they have a full suite of digital tools to market a business.

Spin Vision Eau Claire video production

When to Use Spin Vision: When you want to showcase your business with high quality and interactive digital media tools.

8. WEAU Creative

WEAU Facebook Page
WEAU Creative Google Review – 4.3 (33 reviews)

WEAU Creative is one of Eau Claire’s longest-tenured video production companies. Their experienced team of video professionals works closely with the Eau Claire area business community to create television and internet video content to promote and help grow local businesses.

WEAU Creative video production

When to Use WEAU Creative: When you need commercial production, long-form content, and special projects.

Eau Claire Video Production as a Tool for Marketing Growth

Video production is a strategic tool for your marketing toolset. It allows your audience to see, feel, and hear your company’s story and the people you serve.

Whether you use an Eau Claire video production company to enhance your website experience, reach audiences as a paid tool, or engage users through your social media strategy, it can build your brand and move users through the customer journey.

Happy video producing!

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