How Skylab Can Save You 10 Hours or $1,000/Month

Your website is your brand’s calling card. It affects your reputation, sales, customer engagement, and more. But managing and maintaining an effective web presence requires time and technical expertise that’s better spent on your core business areas, sales, and growth.

What goes into maintaining a high performing website?

Here are 10 jobs a Website Management Service can take off your hands, meaning you can save time and money while also boosting your sales, security, and SEO ranking.

1. Updating plugins

Keeping on top of plugin updates is necessary for security, visitor experience, and even your place in a search engine’s organic results. But updating each plugin requires you to backup your full site and test the new functionality. If you have several plugins, that’s a lot of time lost for each update.

2. Check access logs

From user behavior, debugging, potential errors, and an indication of any suspicious activity — website logs contain a wealth of useful metrics. A website management service can translate this into valuable, actionable data.

3. Check ithemes blocks

Clients and IP addresses get blocked for all sorts of reasons, some of them innocent, others not. Keep an eye on your blocks to keep your site safe and reinstate users who pose no danger.

4. Update core files

With security updates, bug fixes and functionality improvements released frequently, keeping your core files current is a big part of website health. Automatic updates don’t check for compatibility, making this a job that benefits from manual maintenance by someone experienced.

5. Test payment processor; consolidate and ratify transactions monthly

No business can afford to miss out on revenue because of problems with their payment processor. Website management can keep all your payment records ordered and functioning.

6. Find and fix broken links

Keep users and search engines happy by identifying broken links and getting them up to date, increasing user experience.

7. Posting new blog content

Drive traffic to your site and attract prospective clients by producing useful content that boosts your SEO rankings.

8. Updating and compressing new images

Large images will hurt website speed and make impatient users bounce. Keep your images fresh and fast with good website management.

9. Check and Delete Spam Messages

Spam messages are detrimental to user experience and give your website an unmaintained feel. Additionally, they can harm SEO if they are linking to unsafe websites.

10. Test All Forms

Information given to you by users is the lifeblood of new sales leads and other useful feedback. Keep them functional and capture the information your business needs.

Save Money. Save The Headache.

If you want to save money and increase the time you spend on the core aspects of your business, an affordable Skylab is the right move for you.

With daily website backups and real human support, visit today to unlock your productivity and get a website that does what you need it to.

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