9 Best Metal Roof Color Visualizers

The metal roof industry has been adding value to buildings with beautiful and durable designs that are built to last for many years. There are many advantages to choosing a metal roof for a building, including:

  • Little to no required maintenance after installation
  • Rare and less frequent need for replacement compared to other roofing types
  • Safety from fires as metal does not spark or ignite
  • Better energy efficiency, as metal roofs can reflect radiant heat and cut back on cooling costs

Customers can spend extensive amounts of time planning and designing the perfect metal roof for their building. Having a clear vision of the desired outcome is essential and can be highly useful for builders as well to ensure they provide their client with their dream structure.

In the past, in order to visualize the perfect metal roof there had to be careful planning. Drawings were made, samples were considered, and there was a lot required of a customer’s imagination.

In the modern marketing era, metal roof color visualizers are playing a significant role in the buying process as it helps to visualize what a concept will look like in real life.

Why Metal Roof Color Visualizers Are No Longer Optional

Buyers considering a metal roof for their buildings tend to do a large amount of research before contacting a vendor.

Customer expectations have shifted, and they now expect higher functionality and value from websites.

Customers are spending very little time on low value websites that don’t give a customized visualization, such as a metal roof design tool, of what they are looking for.

High performing roof color visualizers build trust, provide value, and have a major impact on the generation of new sales.

4 Tips for Designing a Metal Roof Color Visualizer That Generates Sales

If your business is looking to add a metal roof color visualizer to your website, here are some things to consider:

1. Use Your Most Stunning and Clear Roof Photos

The photos you choose are extremely important. They need to be stunning photos that inspire your audience to get excited about the idea of what they could have if they work with you. Choose a photo of a beautiful building where the roof is clearly visible. Look for shots with great lighting, high resolution, and a beautiful surrounding.

Be wary of glare that may occur on sunnier days on the metal roof that may detract from the overall image clarity.

2. Carefully Set Your Colors and Saturation

This is what makes your metal roof color visualizer pop. Set your colors, saturation, and transparency just right so that the colors look beautiful, accurate, and realistic. A well designed photo should make users have a ‘wow’ moment.

Don’t forget to give attention to details like the sky, grass, and trees as well. The entire imagery should be inspiring and make users start imagining what a perfect pole barn looks like and feels like. Be careful not to edit too far from reality, however, as you want to give customers an honest representation through the color visualization tool.

3. Be Careful of Shadows

When designing a metal roof color visualizer, shadows can negatively impact the final result. Shadows can affect colors differently and can make certain color combinations look unrealistic. It is highly important to take and use photos that are free of unwanted light features, such as shadows and glares.

4. Give Multiple Roof Options and Styles

The company that provides the highest customization and most options wins. Some users want a recreational building for their hunting land, others need an ag pole barn, while others are considering metal for a commercial building. Each of these will look different depending on the style and color of the accompanying metal roof.

The more options the better user experience you’re providing. If a customer finds exactly what they’re looking for on your website, they are significantly more likely to contact you for a design or quote.

The 11 Best Metal Roof Color Visualizers in The Industry

Get inspired by websites in the metal roof industry that have the most beautiful and high performing color visualizers and design tools. Many of these color visualizers have the capabilities to change multiple elements of the building besides just the roof color, giving users full control over the design.

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Here are 11 of the best metal roof color visualizers (in no particular order):

1. Hixwood Metal Inc. (A Visualizer We Built)

2. ABC Metal Roofing

3. Northland Buildings (A Visualizer We Built)

4. Golf Coast Supply

5. Bridger Steel

6. Fabral Metal Roof and Wall Systems

7. Classic Metal Roofing Systems

8. Central States Manufacturing Inc.

9. Englert Inc.

3 Ways to Get a Metal Roof Color Visualizer

Looking to add a color visualizer to your website? Here are three different ways to get one, from building it yourself to hiring a professional to design a high performing visualizer.

1. Good: Build your own color visualizer

Pros: If you have a web developer, this your lowest cost option for getting a color visualizer.

Cons: If your team is inexperienced, creating a visualizer from scratch will be time consuming and technical. The final outcome may be below average for industry standards which may mean it doesn’t have a net impact on sales.

2. Better: Find a web developer who hasn’t worked in the metal roof industry and ask if they could build a color visualizer

Pros: Your color visualizer will be done faster and may look more professional than having your inhouse web developer build it.

Cons: This option will look more professional than building it in house, but the final outcome will be an average looking color visualizer that isn’t designed with a realistic understanding of the goals and expectations of a metal roof customer. This option also costs more than building it in house.

3. Best: Work with a company that knows the metal roof industry and has proven experience creating beautiful visualizers that increase sales of metal roofs

Pros: Have a beautiful color visualizer that increases website leads and closed sales using advanced metal roof industry marketing design. Also, this option is quicker than creating it in house.

Cons: Costs more than creating it in house and will likely be the most expensive option

Using a Metal Roof Color Visualizer as a Tool for Marketing Growth

Planning a metal roof color visualizer is important because of the impact it can have on lead generation and sales development.

Once you have your visualizer built, place links all over your website in prominent places. Using a gallery and a visualizer tool are two of the biggest opportunities to inspire your audience and failing to get users to utilize your visualizer may limit the number of new leads generated on your website.

Color visualizers or metal roof design tools are an important part of metal roof website strategy, and one that is well-planned can be a strategic tool in your marketing growth.

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