The Hidden Dark Side of Buying a Custom Coded Website

You’re not the first to consider getting a custom-coded website, or to have an agency offer to build you one.

There are many convincing ‘benefits’ of custom code but after it’s too late, clients realize that there are costs and severe downsides that tend to be conveniently left out of the sales pitch.

Learn about the hidden downsides of going with a custom-coded website so that, like others, you don’t find out when it’s too late.

1. You’re Stuck With That Agency

Your custom-coded website is one that only the website agency that built it can EVER work on—for its entire lifespan.
It’s not in an open-source language which means no one else can work with it.

As a business owner, your priorities may change.

You may want to cut costs.

Any number of things can happen that make it necessary for you to change the website design agency you work with.
But if your website is custom-coded, that’s an option you’ll have to rule out.

WordPress websites, built with readily used open-sourced code, give you the freedom to switch to a new agency that better suits your needs. You avoid an inescapable commitment that can end up weighing you down.

2. You Can’t Price Shop for Updates

Websites need to evolve.

They need to do so along the lines of user experience, security, payment methods, integrations and countless other functions.

When you try to get your custom-coded website updated, you’ll have to turn to the same agency that built it. As you’ll remember from the point you read above, the website’s not written in open-source code. No one else can perform those updates.

But, like any savvy business owner who has cashflow concerns to consider, you’ll want to get the best deal available.
A custom-coded website makes this impossible.

Because they’re the only ones able to update the website for you, they can charge prices far above market rates. And you’ll just have to pay, because a custom-coded website leaves no room for seeking alternative agencies who offer greater value.

The website is locked in the design agency’s proprietary code.

They have no need to offer competitive rates.

That’s not the case with WordPress websites, which a new agency can easily start working on and updating. So, whenever you need an update, you’ll be able to shop around for a fair fee and a good deal.

3. You Can’t Manage Your Own Website

Paying an agency for every little website update is efficient and expensive.

Sometimes you want to go under the hood of the website to see how it’s performing and do things for yourself.
Simply, you want a little control over your website.

This is something you don’t get with custom-coded websites. You don’t know their specific code language, so you have to rely on them for small changes.

With WordPress websites on the other hand, you’re free to make your own changes if you’re comfortable with it.
And you can always learn so that you gradually take greater control over your website since the code is open-source and easily accessible.

4. No Free Website App Library

Think about all the apps your website needs.

You need contact forms so visitors can easily get in touch with you. Insights integrations help you keep track of your traffic. And you could do with an opt-in form so you can collect the contact details of your customers and target audience.

Now, imagine that for each of these additions that can make your website more useful and profitable, you have to pay.

That’s how custom-coded websites are built. Every single program has to get written at your expense.
Not so with WordPress. It lets you add all that functionality to your website (and more, according to your needs), with free or inexpensive plug-ins.

WordPress and Satellite Six

With a WordPress website by Satellite Six, you get a site that is 100% customized and tailored to your audience. On top of that, you get an open-source platform with world class security built in that is completely yours.

Something very crucial is that the website will be truly yours forever, allowing you the freedom to change and update it as you wish, with no reliance on any single agency. You can decide who helps you with your website based on value alone.


Your website is an important asset to your business. Don’t make it more expensive than it needs to be, and don’t put it in the full control of a single agency.

Get total customizability, functionality and great value with a website built on WordPress. Do it with Satellite Six for a website that looks, feels and functions exactly how you want—while being in your complete ownership.

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