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WEAU or WQOW? An Overview of Eau Claire News and TV Options

While digital media has shifted from being primarily produced by media production companies into the internet age where news and entertainment are produced by a higher number of online outlets and individuals, local tv still remains an important part of a community.

Eau Claire News TV Stations

Two local mainstream Eau Claire news stations, WEAU and WQOW have been serving the Eau Claire area and west central Wisconsin for many many years.

They highlight the issues, celebrations, tragedies, and milestones in our area with high quality journalism and storytelling.

In this article, we overview WQOW and WEAU’s history, current status, advertising, and social media.

WEAU History

WEAU was started in 1953 and was originally owned by the Central Broadcasting Company. Since its beginning and through today, WEAU has been an affiliate of NBC. Over the years, WEAU has changed hands and been under the ownership of various entities including The Post Corporation, George Gillett, Busse Broadcasting, and Cosmos Broadcasting. Today WEAU is under the ownership of Gray Television.

WEAU has largely focused news coverage on the Chippewa Valley including Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls, and Menomonie with a secondary service area of LaCrosse, WI.

WEAU Today

WEAU is an NBC affiliate media outlet with headquarters in Eau Claire. They are known for covering a wide range of community events and issues and developing award winning features that dive deeper into local stories and current events. Their morning show is called Hello Wisconsin and they cover local sports closely with their SportScene 13 coverage. Local weather gets the spotlight through their SkyWarn 13 Weather outlet. To see a list of current journalists and anchors visit their About Us page.

Every month WEAU recognizes a community member with a Sunshine Award to publicly thank them for acts of kindness and good deeds. WEAU has been recognizing community members with the Sunshine Award since 1985.

Advertising with WEAU

WEAU has several different advertising opportunities to fit different marketing needs. Businesses can advertise with traditional commercials on television or take advantage of WEAU’s suite of digital marketing services. Digital marketing includes display and video ads on the WEAU website for desktop and mobile. Further services include display advertising across the ad network, seo, ppc, social media and more.

WEAU on Social Media

WEAU can be found across all major social media platforms including their company pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

WQOW History

WQOW is based out of Eau Claire, WI and was first broadcasted in 1980. The ownership of WQOW started with Liberty Television and, due to various circumstances, transferred ownership several times. Tak Communications bought WQOW from Liberty Television but went bankrupt and ownership transferred to Shockley Communications. Today, Quincy Media has owned WQOW since it acquired it in 2001. WQOW serves the Chippewa Valley and surrounding areas and is a satellite station of WXOW which serves the LaCrosse, WI area.

WQOW Today

WQOW is Eau Claire’s ABC affiliate and covers community news around west central Wisconsin. They follow sports teams in the area and provide in-depth and rapid coverage of current events both locally and nationally. WQOW’s weather coverage can be found through Stormtracker 18 Forecast. For local sports coverage visit their top sports stories page or visit their community section for coverage of the latest local Eau Claire news coverage.

WQOW is also known for the Jefferson Awards which recognizes ordinary local people who are making a difference through volunteering.

Advertising with WQOW

WQOW offers similar advertising opportunities as WEAU. They offer video production for traditional and digital video placements. They also have digital marketing services for businesses to target their audience and demographic across the internet with display and video ads. For more information, visit WQOW Advertising.

WQOW on Social Media

WQOW can be found posting videos and stories on social media platforms including their company pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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