Your Brand is an Ecosystem

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Your brand is how you represent and position yourself to your customers and staff. Your brand is how your customers perceive you and the values you express implicitly and explicitly. Your brand is everything from how you look to the experience you provide. It’s an ecosystem – living elements that work together to thrive or […]

Should your company be on Facebook?

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Small business or large corporation, it doesn’t matter. There’s something you can do with social media, especially Facebook. It’s not just for kids hanging out. It’s evolved into a mass communications platform based around sharing and discovery. Think of it as a person-to-person voice where your company can micro-broadcast conversations with fans, prospects, and customers […]

Why B2B should care about Social Media

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Blogging, Facebook, and Twitter are great tools to build relationships between your business and customers – but in serving B2B clients, the dynamic is quite different from B2C. No longer are you talking to individuals or groups of friends; rather, you’re attracting the attention of people within the larger business, with varying levels of influence. […]